Klaus hat´s raus

Title translated into English

Klaus has it figured out

Film: Duration in minutes

7.44 minutes

Product description

Klaus, the new safety representative first addresses his colleagues reproachfully of their misbehaviour. The colleagues withdraw into themselves. Then he obeys communication skills and his talks have a favourable result. The film shows an example (subject:wearing protective gloves) with a negative and a positive talk. The examples, "back-friendly postures when carrying and lifting" - point ot to the DGUV-campaign "Think of me - Your back." and then the communication in regard to wearing protective gloves also have a positive outcome. At the end the positive comminication skills are summarized and it is said: "Now it is up to you to apply what you have learned in the video: Get involved and you will see, it´s even fun, I promise."

Aims and objectives

Safety representatives by skillful interviewing are able to encourage employees to act safe-conscious and health-conscious behavior, even after a violation of the rules. Thus they make an important contribution to influence work-related accidents and occupational absence.

Safety representatives can change a lot a lot at the grassroots, if they dare to address misbehaviour, according to the motto "Get involved!" However, there is no current media(model-based learning), which demonstrates the aspects for a positive outcome of safety-related talks.

Target audience

Safety representatives, managers, safety expers, employees´representation bodies, supervisors of accident insurance associations

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