Knowledge Transfer Program on Child Safety Seats

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Knowledge Transfer Program on Child Safety Seats

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3 minutes

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The Knowledge Transfer Program on Child Safety Seats is a public service project developed by Safe Kids Malaysia Universiti Putra Malaysia as a member of National Road Safety Council of Malaysia. The aim of this program is transfer knowledge on Child Safety Seat to working parents to guide them in providing a proper safety product for their children in order for the whole family travel in a car is safe at all times. The safety and health of any work force parents are also interrelated to his immediate family members’ safety and health. This Knowledge Transfer program on Child Safety Seats despite primarily targeting the safety and health of their children, however the secondary beneficiary group are their workforce parents. Taking the clue of changing adult behaviour through their children, was the main pillar of framework on how this program was formulated.

Aims and objectives

There are few main safety messages crossed over to the target group (Parents Workforce) of this safety initiative. They are:

1. Transferring the knowledge to the Parents workforce on the importance of them using their safety restraints while traveling in car (seat belts) in addition to having their children restrained (child safety seat).

2. Transferring the knowledge to the Parents workforce on the type of child safety seats available in the market and the criteria to select them.

3. Transferring the knowledge to the Parents workforce on proper installation of child safety seats in a car.

United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal 11.2 mentions the need to provide a safe transport system for vulnerable road users (children) by 2030. Malaysia Institute of Road Safety Research and National Road Safety Council of Malaysia supports the United Nations SDG’s by introducing the Child Safety Seat Regulation in January 2020. This is a good move in a right direction. Any new regulations will have challenges in the beginning as consumers (road users) are not very clear and at the same time over excited and over stressed with any new regulations. Thus to help ease the challenges faced by parents workforce group on this new Child Safety Seat regulation, we came up with a 3 minute video clip to transfer knowledge short and precise on all important things they need to know about this new regulation. This will help to make sure all car occupants are able to travel safely. Through this initiative, all car occupants will be safe, less road crash and injuries among children and adult parents’ workforce which translates to lower absenteeism from work place for parents’ workforce. Parents’ workforce are much safer, healthier and their quality of live is much better once their family safety and health are taken care. Also over time, gradually it builds a safety culture for both parents’ workforce and young incoming workforce (children).  

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Parents Workforce


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Safe Kids Malaysia Universiti Putra Malaysia
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