La muerte también trabaja: Seguridad en el trabajo en alturas, Colombia 2012

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The death is working too: Mortality related to work at heights, Colombia 2012

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The submitted products presents the mortality statistics at work due to falls, Colombia 2012, discriminated against by economic sector and makes an invites to design intelligent risk management strategie.

Aims and objectives

Raise awareness about mortality related to works at heights that are performed without the technical knowledge and the necessary equipment

While Colombia has a strict regulations on the requirements for working at heights, the mortality rate due to falls from heights is even greater than that caused by diseases such as dengue fever and malaria (priorities in public health). This is why we decided to build a training center for instruction purposes related to safe working at heights in an area of the Department of Cundinamarca, which has a huge growth in buildings. When we visited construction sites we noticed that many of the workers had no safety training for working at heights and that managers and supervisors did not consider this kind of training important. In view of lack of communication strategies in enterprises of the mining, construction and transportation sector, that perform works in the municipalities adjacent to the training center" Centro de Entrenamiento de Trabajo en Alturas de Salud Inteligente" we noticed a tendency of increased occupational accidents and mortality due to falls. The team "Intelligent Health" (Carolina, Salin and Jeadran) decided to create a communication strategy on the risks cause by working at heights. This strategy sought to capture hazardous situations in the workplace under the hashtag #Lamuertetambientrabaja which shows different photos of unsafe operations related to workplaces at height. The film is part of the initial promotion of this strategy. It is presented to supervisors and and managers in training sessions, trade shows, universities and on social networks. The film was presented to twenty construction companies with 8 to 20 workers in the municipalities of Chía, Bojacá and Zipaquirá. The film had more than 300 plays on youtube. According to a preliminary report by the Ministry of Labour, the mortality rate due to falls in the municipalities under the influence of the strategy has been reduced by 65% by 2013, compared to the previous year.

Target audience

Supervisors and site managers related to work at heights (construction, transport, mining and other sectors) in particular in the municipalities of Chía, Bojacá y Zipaquirá (Cundinamarca)

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Salud Inteligente SAS
, Colombia- Bogotá D.C.

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David Julian Garrote Wilches
, Colombia-0000 Bogotá D.C.