Les accidents du travail blessent plus de monde qu’on pense!

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More people are injured by occupational accidents than you might think!

Film: Duration in minutes

3 messages de 30 secondes minutes

Product description

CSST has broadcasted three TV spots of 30 seconds each which stage the family members of the victims at the scene of the accident in order to make the population of Quebec aware of the serious consequences that an accident can have, not only for workers but also for their spouses, children, parents, friends, colleagues and boss. CSST has produced three messages (Carlos, Catherine and Julien) in order to show three different workplaces where accidents happen every day and to demonstrate that every one is concerned by occupational accidents, no matter which sector of activity. According to the spokesman of CSST, the actor Claude Legault, “it can affect all of us”. CSST has called upon him because of his strong credibility and his high reputation in Quebec. In order to demonstrate the magnitude of occupational accidents in Quebec, the statistics “235 persons per day are injured at work” appears in “super” in each of the three messages. Finally, in order to encourage the audience to take action, the spokesman of CSST concludes by reiterating the importance of talking about occupational safety and health with one’s environment and about reacting for safer workplaces, “for us and for those we love”.

Aims and objectives

The publicity approach adopted by the Commission of occupational safety and health (CSST) aims to make occupational safety and health a value of society; that’s why the main objective of the TV spots of CSST in 2013 consisted in developing a feeling of inclusion among the people of Quebec towards occupational safety and health, so that they feel more concerned about this important issue of society. The messages aimed to raise their awareness of the magnitude of occupational accidents in Quebec and the consequences which such accidents can cause in the lives of workers, their families or their environment. By these messages, CSST also wanted to encourage employers and workers to take measures in order to render the working place safe.

The television has been used massively in order to reach our target audience. This media is well known and excellently positioned and covers all Quebec. The media placement was concentrated on prime time, in the main stations and the specialised chains targeted, for a total of 1,800 PEB in spring and 1,665 PEB in autumn. The broadcasting of the messages was concentrated on seven weeks in spring. This is a period when CSST registers a high number of serious accidents (opening of many construction sites, massive entry of young people onto the labour market, etc.). In order to continue to make progress in the behaviour and inclusion of people of Quebec towards occupational health and safety, the messages were broadcast again during four weeks in autumn because this is a season when the people of Quebec watch much more TV than they usually do.

Target audience

The population of Quebec, the workers and the employers

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