Les covoits

Title translated into English


Film: Duration in minutes

0:45 minutes

Product description

Promotional clip or unidentifiable people (in the background) answer a question: How many times a week? and then another question: How many people are you? They are in fact carpoolers. They invite us to answer a survey for the company on road travel.             

Aims and objectives

A two-way message in order to attract a maximum number of employees to respond to the survey on road travel, home/work but also travel on assignment in the professional context.

As part of a global prevention policy, and in particular on road risks, the aim is to attract as many people as possible to respond to this survey. This clip was produced internally by our employees. This survey is designed to better understand our employees' road travel habits. We also hope to gather in a booklet "Carpooling is a great way to get around" all the ideas for organizing carpooling and good practices that our employees can share in this survey.

Target audience

All employees of our company

Contact details Editor / Production company

BP1, fr-85707 pouzauges
0033 251667956 - 0033 678535439