Life doesn’t always handle us second chances

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Life doesn’t always handle us second chances

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Unfortunately, in real life, we don’t have the option to rewind, to undo something. When something goes wrong, it is natural to want to restart that action properly, but usually at this point it is too late. The second message of our movie is that life does not handle second chances. The safe attitude should always be the first - and only - option.

Aims and objectives

In situations portrayed on the movie, the character performs an action in an incorrect or unsafe manner, leading to a potential accident. At this point, the action freezes and rewinds to the moment when the character has the opportunity to restart the same action, this time in a correct and safe manner. Portraying reckless behavior on our movie may generate questions among employees. The intention is to show that unsafe actions could potentially lead to an accident. So the first message of our movie is that every action has a consequence. Therefore, we must have discipline and responsibility over our behavior.

There can be no doubt that everyone is responsible for Health and Safety. But the leaders’ role goes a step further. A strong, visible commitment from management is crucial for good health and safety performance. As the Day of Reflection encourages dialogue, it is a premium chance for leaders to signal your personal commitment to our aim that no-one gets hurt working at Vale. In the leaders’ kit, you will find a PowerPoint presentation to be used as a guide for Day of Reflection conversations. The estimated duration is around 60 minutes and the session has been structured into 6 moments: Welcome Video paying tribute to the colleagues who lost their lives Review of fatalities Video to reflect on "Life doesn’t always handle us second chances" Discussion Wrap-up

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