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Making-of "Fahrradhelm mit Udo Walz"

Title translated into English

Making-of for "Cycle helmet with Udo Walz"

Film: Duration in minutes

1,48 minutes

Product description

The Making of accompanies Udo Walz and presents him in his Berlin hairdresser salon and prove : helmet and hair are not necessarily in conflict. With two models Udo Walz provides hair tips which hairstyles perfectly fit when wearing a bicycle helmet. In addition, the star coiffeur demonstrates in a few steps how to get the hairstyle back in perfect shape when taking the helmet off. Finally, Udo Walz personally appeals to all cyclists to think of their own safety. He puts on a bright green bicycle helmet before he jumps on his bike - because Udo Walz never cycles "topless".

Aims and objectives

Who else could be more competent to surprinsingly promote the use of bicycle helmets as Germany's most famous hair artist - Udo Walz. With an effective media campaign "Slow Down!" the topic use of bicyle helmet during the bike season attracts maximum attention to the issue of bicycle helmet and thus the goal to make cyclists using a helmet . Udo Walz, nationwide authority on "good hair" is in favor of always using a bicycle helmet and does away with the prejudice that hair styling and bicycle helmet do not match. What makes this action so special: he gives practical tips for hairstyles formed for the helmet and shows how to get the hairstyle back in shape in simple steps after taking off the helmet. His message is as easy as convincing: "Safety before vanity!" As the exclusive media partners BILD and RTL accompany the action. "Slow Down!" in parallel achieves nationwide media coverage with press information and a press release. With over 80 reports, the action generates more than 80 million potential readers in Print and over 130 million clicks on the page. The Making- of for the action shows additional effect to reporting on the action: journalists from specialized areas of "styling" to "cycling" ask for interviews on the action. The topic bicycle helmet, for more than three days, continues to be an issue in print and online media.

On average, only about eleven percent of all German sporadic cyclists use a helmet. The facts speak for themselves: on an average every second cyclists suffers a fatal accident due to head injuries. The campaign "Slow Down!" recalls these facts, because: bicycle helmets save lives. While they can not prevent accidents, they can significantly reduce the risk of serious head injuries.

Target audience

The road safety campaign "Slow Down" is aimed at all road users to make them aware of the dangers of risky behavior on the road: in addition to motorists and pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists of all ages. The campaign focusses on the most vulnerable

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Serviceplan Berlin GmbH & Co. KG
Oranienburger Stra├če18, Germany-10178 Berlin