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Making-of zur Plakatstaffel "Lebensretter"

Title translated into English

Making-of for the series "Live Savers"

Film: Duration in minutes

2,16 minutes

Product description

Initially, the three lifesavers and faces of the new series "Slow Down" briefly introduce themselves. The Making-of for the photo shooting shows the three at their respective workplaces: in the Emergency Hospital Berlin, at the fire station Berlin-Hohenschonhausen and in the Malteser rescue station in a town near Cologne. During the preparations for the shooting, the three protagonists make personal statements and describe their motivation and their commitment to more road safety. Finally they appeal to road users: "Always drive sober!" "Always buckle-up!" and "Keep your fingers from the mobile phone!"

Aims and objectives

Who else could warn more authentically of the dangers of careless behaviour on the road than those who are confronted daily with the dramatic consequences and do their best to save lives. In 2013 the campaign "Slow Down" therefore makes real lifesaver to ambassadors for the campaign: Benjamin Maley, paramedic with Malteser, Frank Scholz, volunteer fireman, and accident doctor, Dr. Insa Matthes. They address with clear appeals to road users: "Always dirve sober! " , "Always buckle-up!" and "Keep your fingers from the mobile phone!" The three accident assistants address to road users at the point where road users struggle along: On large displays along the German motorways and at rest areas. The motorway dispay campaign is supported by the German Social Accident Insurance. In addition to the three testimonials, other accident assistants give interviews and tips and in addition background information on the most common risks in road traffic are provided. The film involves a making-of video, which shows realistic situations of the photo shooting and thus supports the authenticity of the campaign: The shootings took place at the respective workplaces of the three campaign ambassadors. The lifesavers have great effects: Nationwide newspapers and specialized media with a total circulation of more than 2.2 million are reporting and online media, such as news and newspaper portals with more than 50 million visitors and radio stations with a total of over 3.2 million average listeners per hour distribute the message. "Slow Down!" is a well-known term in the population: A Study of the Federal Highway Research Institute (Federal Highway Research Institute) shows that more than 70 percent know the motto of the campaign and 72.8 percent were positive about the " Slow Down!" motorway displays (source: Federal Highway Research Institute evaluation of the campaign from 2011 to 2013 )

The poster series "Slow Down!" on the one hand honors the extraordinary - often voluntary - commitment of all lifesavers and the other hand causes greater reflection of road users own behavior on the road. The making-of shows the personal motivation of the lifesavers to support the campaign and highlights the authenticity of their exhortations for more road safety.

Target audience

The road safety campaign "Slow Down" is aimed at all road users to make them aware of the dangers of risky behavior on the road: in addition to motorists and pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists of all ages. The campaign focusses on the most vulnerable

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Serviceplan Berlin GmbH & Co. KG
Oranienburger Straße18, Germany-10178 Berlin