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Manager la santé et la sécurité dans son entreprise

Title translated into English

Manager of security and health in his company

Film: Duration in minutes

totalité cumulée de 1h30 minutes

Product description

This tool offers a range of varied resources, contents and diverse forms: . three reports in companies which have integrated questions on health and security in their management. They present each company (a foundry, a company of prefabrications for BTP (Bâtiments et Travaux Publics), an industrial man specialized in powder compression), its approach, the actors involved, the issues, any difficulties. . the actors’ testimonies of the approach to health and security which develop the different conditions of success: “innovate, share, regulate” while sharing their experience (actions, satisfactions, benefits, brakes…). . expert judgements presenting advice, concepts and tools in order to put into place a management of health and security. . tools, brochures, references to the relevant websites… made available in order to complete the information of the video resources. Several modes of navigation are proposed: . “The essential”: a course of less than 30 minutes presents an overview of issues . “Your questions” . “Conditions for success” when implementing the health and security management. “Locating”: panorama of all resources provided: broadcast stories, interviews, experts voice, animation, documents and links to Internet sites.

Aims and objectives

Helping the enterprises to adopt good practice and to create sustainable conditions of occupational health and safety.

Choice of several stories and interviews in enterprises in order to present a feedback, facilitating access to problematic fields of health and safety management in the professional environment.

Target audience

Company managers MentoringMembers of CHSCT (Committee for Health, Safety and Working Conditions)Occupational physicians

Contact details Editor

Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité – INRS
, France-75011 Paris

Contact details Production company

Les E-magineurs
, France-69009 Lyon