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Mission Possible – A Squirrel's Tale

Title translated into English

Mission Possible – A Squirrel's Tale

Film: Duration in minutes

Main Film: 9.5 Mins. Short Summary: 3.3 Mins. minutes

Product description

Grey Squirrels are one of the most successful species on earth thriving wherever they choose to live. They do this despite having a solitary nature meaning that they have developed a unique lone/independent worker system of work that we humans can learn a great deal from. A squirrel and a cunningly challenging assault course highlight the lessons we can learn.

Aims and objectives

We all have the responsibility to look after our own well-being at work even when we regularly face unfamiliar work environments. The product aims to entertain and engage workers to adopt a regular dynamic risk assessment safe approach.

We chose film as we feel that it remains the best way to tell an engaging memorable story that brings safety to life.

Target audience

Lone/Independent workers in all sectors

Contact details Editor

Lattitude Productions Ltd
Rushlake GreenPO Box 185, United Kingdom-TN21 1AR East Sussex
44(0) 143583150044(0)1435830193

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Lattitude Productions Ltd
HeathfieldPO Box 185 - Rushlake Green , United Kingdom-TN21 1AR East Sussex
+44(0) 1435831500+44(0) 1435830193