NSSA Rural Outreach Programme

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NSSA Rural Outreach Programme

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With 70% of Zimbabwe’s adult population living in in remote rural communities, access to social security benefits and information, as well as to basic health care can be a daunting task. This therefore requires organisations to reach out to such communities in a manner that is convenient and easy for them.

In rural areas informal service providers sustain the populace as a result of formal providers avoiding rural operations due to higher costs. The limitations of rural people to benefit from resources and services create a necessity for Rural outreach programs, particularly when it comes to financial services. Outreach is most effective when programs are delivered in the form of road shows providing mobile services delivered directly to the people who do not have access to those services. NSSA has been running such programs to great effect since 2019.

In the mountainsides of Mashonaland east province lives two such communities, Mutawatawa and Kotwa. In the fight to assist those often left behind, NSSA selected these growth point communities to begin providing the less privileged with free healthcare whilst providing people with a better understanding of social security benefits and programs.

The first day began with the national clean-up campaign. Residents came together to pick up litter and clean neighbourhoods, before kicking off the road show to a resounding success. Hundreds gathered in Mutawatawa and were provided with free entertainment and giveaways. Crowd participation was aimed at educating people about social security rights and the importance of health care.

NSSA tents were set up to assist with any queries or assistance regarding social security. A MOBILE  medical clinic was set up and inundated with patients as ailments were attended to by a team of highly skilled practitioners working non-stop to provide as much care to as many people. Many walked away grateful for the medical assistance with medication they normally cannot afford.

Day 2 saw the roadshows travel to KOTWA where despite constant rain, residents attended in overwhelming force making the second day far more successful. The community was grateful for these initiatives and hopes that consistent programs will ensure that growth points like Mutawatawa and KOTWA will live up to expectations that inspired their establishment.

Healthcare and Social security for all Zimbabweans against certain hazards and complications of life is NSSA's enduring legacy to ensure everyone’s right to collect their pensions and unemployment benefits. Reaching out and catering to those less privileged in society helps drive us to help communities, improve living conditions, boosting the quality of education, and enriching lives through affordable healthcare.

NSSA is committed to the continued success these programs bring to communities and will continue to do so to reach as many Zimbabweans as possible.

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