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Film: Duration in minutes

0:30 minutes

Product description

Using the scenario of an office setting, the film revolves around the employees as they go about their daily work activities. Stacking boxes high up at their desks, standing on roller chairs to retrieve files, and rushing down the stairs with their hands full, can only lead to workplace accidents, should they turn a blind eye to the dangers around them. Things took a turn right at the end of the film when an office lady trips over loose cables on the ground.

Aims and objectives

People are aware of the dangers which might be around them but they choose to turn a blind eye to them. This film sends a clear message to remind employees in whatever they do - Don't turn a blind eye to risks at their workplace, and to say no to risks at work.

The medium is chosen for communications to the general masses on tv and website.

Target audience

Workers, safety professionals, and members of the public.

Contact details Editor

Workplace Safety and Health Council – WSHC, MOM Services Centre
Bendemeer Road1500, Singapore-339946 Singapore

Contact details Production company

Grey Group
1 Magazine Rd#03-07, Singapore-059567 Singapore
+65-65117614 www.grey.com.sg