Pre-use Inspection (Vertical Lift)

Title translated into English

Pre-use Inspection (Vertical Lift)

Film: Duration in minutes

09:16 minutes

Product description

The film starts by explaining the different type of MEWPs, the need for a risk assessment, and the required types of PPE operators should wear. Then a step-by-step, commentary talks through the detail of how to undertake a pre-start inspection including. A series of images and graphic animations are used. The film ends by saying what should be done if the MEWP does not fulfill the visual and functionality inspections. This is followed by IPAF's web address.

Aims and objectives

Pre-use inspections are a vital part of safe MEWP operation

Failure to conduct a thorough pre-use inspection of a MEWP can lead to risk of accident or injury.

Target audience

Operators of vertical lift type booms, managers of operators of vertical lift type booms


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Unit1 - IPAF Moss End Business Village , United Kingdom-LA7 7NU Crooklands

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Optical 3D
Moss End Business Village228 - Moss End Business Village , United Kingdom-LA7 7NU Crooklands