Project Dzimba

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Project Housing

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11 minutes

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Since 1990 NSSA has been promoting health and safety at places of work through the Accident Prevention and Workers Compensation Scheme (APWCS), which was established, and is administered, in terms of Statutory Instrument 68 of 1990. The APWCS, together with the Pensions and Other Benefits, is in partial fulfilment of NSSA’s mandate of providing social security on behalf of the Government of Zimbabwe.

The objectives of APWCS are to:

  1. Provide financial relief to employees and their families when an employee is injured or killed in a work related accident or suffers from a work related disease or dies thereof.
  2. Create an awareness of, and promoting health and safety at all places of work.
  3. Encourage adoption of health and safety legislation through factory and machinery inspection.
  4. Provide rehabilitation services to disabled employees so as to reduce their disablement and return them to their former employment or otherwise prepare them for a useful and meaningful place in society.

In 2018, NSSA launched Project Dzimba, an initiative aimed at providing homes suitable for paraplegics and quadriplegic pensioners under the Accident Prevention Worker’s Compensation Scheme.

The move to construct the customised houses was made after the realisation that most grossly disabled pensioners were living in deplorable environments that were detrimental to their health and wellbeing. To date, 94 pensioners from across the country have benefited from this gesture. Project Dzimba is an added initiative that is delivered over and above traditional benefits that are covered under APWCS.

This gesture is in line with NSSA’s LifeLong promise of taking care of its clients throughout their life journey. It also speaks to the Authority’s values of Hunhu/Ubuntu, Service Delivery Excellence and that of Innovation/Doing things differently.

To this end, we spoke to beneficiaries from around the country to find out how NSSA has been working for them.

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Working Class

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