Psychische Gesundheit

Title translated into English

Mental Health

Film: Duration in minutes

4.20 minutes

Product description

The film decribes a working day of a protagonist which is characterized by a bad mood, work pressure, stress, pressure from superiors, ridicule from colleagues, depression and seeking refuge in addiction. This is followed by a solution: solutions are promoted as providing support e.g. by seminars, coaching, team-building measures, meditation and relaxation. The result of these measures is respectful interaction with each other, a motivated and a dedicated employee and the achievement of a better work-life balance.

Aims and objectives

The film wants to raise conciousness to cope with psychological strain. The mode of presenting different situations in a light-hearted attidude shall visualise the relevant subjects as mutual appreciation, leadership, stress and conflict managemnt, handling the pressure to perform, addiction and relaxation. Besides indicating the problems, we wanted to show how the problems can be solved in order to offer perspectives and encourage a positive basic attitude.

The performance which is based upon the principle of black and light theatre maintains a certain neutrality, since faces and persons often polarize. Thus we focuss on the essentials. Moreover, this kind of presentation allows visualization of a complex topic in a playful manner which can be understood without words and thus can be understood in all countries and languages.

Target audience

Anyone who so far has not dealt with the issue "mental workload at the workplace"

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