Quarries Partnership Team 'Stop dust before it stops you'

Title translated into English

Quarries Partnership Team 'Stop dust before it stops you'

Film: Duration in minutes

07:25 minutes

Product description

The package consists of a mix of cartoons and real life footage lasting approximatley eight minutes.

Aims and objectives

The aim of the product is to raise awareness of the long latency health risks to workers due to exposure to respirable crystalline silica during high risk activities. It tells the story of an animated character George who ignores advice and fails to use the equipment provided exposing himself to hazardous workplace dust. The messages are straighforward, they show the bad working practices followed by the good working practices, whilst promoting the common sense approach to controlling personal exposure.

This approach (animated/live filming) has been used previously in the quarrying industry to successfully promote health and safety messages. The product created provides an accessible and engaging way to demonstrate how the correct behaviours can reduce exposure to silica dust.

Target audience

Material produced for use on-site by those with the responsibility for health and safety in the quarrying industry. The target group includes Quarry operatives/Maintenance personnel/Contractors

Contact details Editor

Health and Safety Executive
Redgrave CourtNumber, United Kingdom-L20 7HS Liverpool

Contact details Production company

Muddy Boots PR
Salmons Leap21, United Kingdom-SN11 9EU Calne, Wiltshire
+44(0) 1249731007 www.muddybootspr.co.uk