Rückenstark durch den Arbeitsalltag

Title translated into English

With a strong back through the working day

Film: Duration in minutes

11:18 minutes

Product description

The film shows back exercises to alleviate muscular imbalances that are integrated in the working worlds of our insured employees ( 3 exercises for the sector agriculture, 3 exercises for the sector forestry and 2 exercises for the sectror horticulture - long version)

Aims and objectives

The film "With a strong back through the working day" was produced as part of the campaign "Think of me. Your back". The film shall raise awareness about the campaign-issue and message and provide individual measures. The film presents back exercises to alleviate muscular imbalances which are integrated in real work situations of the agriculture, horticulture and forestry sector with the purpose to be integrated into the work and leasure time of the insured SVLFG employees. The objective of the short film series is to present sustainable and target-group related exercise routines and short text messages related to back health. The exercises and preventive know-how shall be integrated in the working day of our insured employees to reduce back muscle strain.

The film concept intends a transfer of sustainable and low-treshold exercises into the working day and a multiple and effective use of the films (for advisory discussions of the technical supervisory services, on fairs and events, for training purposes and for information purposes on our website, etc.) The animated scenes want to provide synchronously the exercises by means of acoustic language, text language and images with the aim to create sustainability and barrier-free communication. That means, that in adddition to the spoken instructions, the appropriate text and image appear. If an exercise consits of three instruction steps, each step is accompanied by an image (intermediate animated position) and a text, that are displayed in parallel to the spoken instruction. In total it is a sequence of three scenes. The animation wants to reflect the repective industry and real actors.

Target audience

Employees and employers and their families from the sector agriculture, forestry and horticulture

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PAC Werbeagentur GmbH
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