Rengastöiden riskit hallintaan

Title translated into English

Tyre repair risks in control

Film: Duration in minutes

Film/DVD: 8´30´´ + two info spots/DVD: 4´25´´ + 2´13´´ minutes

Product description

This DVD-program/ROM has three different parts: 1. Motivation ja guidance film " Occupational tyre repair risks in control" (8 minutes 30 seconds) 2. One interview with occupational safety specialist (4 minutes and 25 seconds) 3. One staged work accident (tyre explosion that killed one worker), arranged by police (2 minutes and 13 seconds) In motivation film story we show in real life what are the biggest occupational risks in tyre changing and fitting and how these risks can be managed. Our film is giving practical guidance and advice. In short interview occupational safety specialiast is telling what are the biggest occupational risks in tyre changing and fitting and how these can be prevented. In short infospot we are showing how tyre explosion has killed one worker, explosion is staged by police.,

Aims and objectives

Too many tyre repair workes has died in work accidents during last decade in Finland. This film show how tyre repair and maintenance can be done safely. The aim is: zero accidents! This DVD-program motivates and gives practical guidance and advice.

We are using this DVD-program in occupational safety and health education and training (specially in work orientation for new workers) in working place level. We are using this DVD also as important part of "Occupational safety card" education in tyre industry.

Target audience

1. Tyre repair workers in all tyre companies/firms in Finland2. Managers and supervisors in tyre repair companies/firms3. Occupational safety and health specialists and representatives

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Karissa Ltd
Näkki3 F, Finland-2320 Espoo

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Karissa Ltd
Näkki3 F, Finland-02320 Espoo