Rigger im Rollstuhl

Title translated into English

Rigger sitting in a wheelchair

Film: Duration in minutes

01:30 minutes

Product description

The opening sequence of the short film " rigger in wheelchair " shows a man in a wheelchair . Around him, it's busy, obviously traide show stands are put up in his hall (fair). The man makes a serious face and you realize that he is occupied with something. In a flashback (remembrance) the viewer see the same man, a rigger working on a traverse. It seems that he neglected the necesary safety equipment as the harness with safety hook hangs down . At the bottom of the traverse stands a man in a suit - obviously his boss - and he urges him to hurry up. The rigger gets hectic and it happens what needs to happen - he crashes ! So it seems at least. In reality, however, he safely falls into his fall arrest system/PSE. Fortunately he got not injured! Switch to the presence: The man in the wheelchair is requested by his colleagues with a friendly slap on the back to stand up from the wheelchair. The rigger colleagues are obviously talking about the danger, at the end of the film the life -saving safety hook is shown.

Aims and objectives

The video "This is not a kindergarten" is part of the VBG-motivation campaign "Lock it!" In addition to secure the public, all who are working every day during the event face daily risks which have to be identified, evaluated and prevented. Fatal accidents caused by falling from height frequently occur. In most cases a lack of fall protection causes the fatal accidents. Causes of accidents are: Rigger leave their rescue harness on the floor - apparently under time pressure. Rigger use defective PPE against falls, riggers do not secure correctly or they choose the wrong attachment points. With this motivation campaign VBG in cooperation with the trade associations DTHG and VPLT want to motivate riggers to consistent and correct use of a fully functional PPE to prevent falling.

To achieve the campaign objectives mentioned the medium film in our view offers several advantages: - The target group is media-related, i.e. there is a great willingness to look (short) videos (viewing habits: YouTube videos, etc.); - A film targets many senses at once; - The scenic presentation shows the working world of the target group and creats personal involvement - Videos ensure a quick circulation with a vast reach (keyword: viral marketing)

Target audience

Target group of the media are riggers (event technicians). They work at a wide range of events as major concert events, shows or trade fairs. They are event technicians who often work at great height. They provide for building and removal of the so

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