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"Runter vom Gas" – Kinospot

Title translated into English

"Slow Down" – cinema spot

Film: Duration in minutes

1,01 minutes

Product description

The spot shows in fast and fluent sequences the emotional milestones of human life. We see parents who excitedly follow the first steps of their child. We see the boys´first day at school, his first love, the new job, the festive wedding, the birth of his own child. The little family is very happy. He walks out the door and says goodbye to his wife and his little daughter and and sets out to his journey by car. Suddenly, the audience sees from the driver's perspective in the headlights of an oncoming car. Subsequently the image turns black. The viewer recognizes that the memories were in the head of our protagonist prior to the traffic accident. The spot has a strong effect by showing the individual fate that stands behind every traffic accident. The spot raises awareness about the specific hazards of highways and advocates for careful driving.

Aims and objectives

"Life is too beautiful to be carelessly put at risk on the road! " This message is strongly conveyed by a shocking moment at the end of the spot that destroys the previous harmony. The sudden and unexpected turn illustrates that seconds of inattention on the road and especially on country roads can end one´s life or can lead to drastical change. In order to reach the target group where the message unfolds the greatest effect, the spot was broadcast in cinema - the place for entertainment, fun and togetherness. Nationwide, it was broadcast over a period of seven weeks in 544 cinemas and reached 3,8783 million visits (moviegoers). In addition, the cinema spot was shown on large screens at three of the biggest German music festivals - also places of entertainment - with about 160,000 visitors. Especially the young target group could be sensitized to dangers on country roads. In addition, the spot " Slow Down" was shown on the own online channel and thus distributed among the YouTube community .

In 2012, Germany had fewer traffic fatalities than ever before. Yet, this is no reason to sound all-clear: Still every day more than 1,000 people are injured in road accidents - ten of them fatal. To further reduce the number, the Federal Ministry of Transport and digital infrastructure and the German Road Safety Council in colaboration with many partners support the campaign "Slow Down". They engage for broad public perception and more road safety on German roads. The campaign "Slow Down" shall help to achieve the goal established in the road safety programme of 2011 to reduce the number of accident victims by 40 per cent. For any victim of a road accident is one too many.

Target audience

The road safety campaign "Slow Down" is aimed at all road users to make them aware of the dangers of risky behavior on the road: in addition to motorists and pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists of all ages. The campaign focusses on the most vulnerable

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