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Runter vom Gas: YouTube-Filmwettbewerb

Title translated into English

Slow down: YouTube-film competition

Film: Duration in minutes

1,19 minutes

Product description

In the video Call for competition we accompany Johanna Klum through particularly beautiful moments of her life: she discovers a picturesque sunset on the water, she picks-up her best friend at the train station and goes celebrating with friends. The message is clear: Life is beautiful! Johanna Klum behaves careful and considerate at the occasions and returns by taxi home after a long night of partying. Then Johanna Klum turns directly to the audience and calls for participation in the film competition of "Slow Down!". Goal of the competition is to make a film showing in 30 seconds, why life is beautiful and why it should not be carelessly set at risk in road traffic. The winner spot comes to the big stage and will be broadcast nationwide in cinemas of the CineStar Group.

Aims and objectives

"Life is too beautiful to be put carelessly at risk on the road!" - This message and its importance is conveyed to the target group by involving the question: Why is your life beautiful and what are you doing not to jeopadise road safety? The "Slow Down!" campaign starts a film contest on YouTube aimed at raising risk awareness for road hazards of 18 - to 24 - year old people who have high online affinity. Johanna Klum as prominent supporter of the "Slow Down" campaign inspires to participate in the competition by allowing the public to share personal anectodes of her life in YouTube. She places her high profile as TV moderator at the service of young road users and adresses them as equals. With their application and their the answer to the question the young adults deal with risks in road safety in a creative way. In addition to Johanna Klum, attractive prices as quality bikes and video cameras inspire to participate in the competition. The main prize is a nationwide broadcast of the best production in early evening programme of the CineStar cinema chain including Meet & Greet with Johanna Klum. The online mechanism of the competition ensures dissemination especially among young road users via social networks. Within eight weeks, the course of the competition more than 50 films were sent in for the campaign "Slow Down!". The 30-second video call by Johanna Klum attended more than 225,000 visitors on You Tube. With the awards ceremony we draw media attention to the film competition and the event in Berlin CineStar Event Cinema. Johanna Klum, along with the former Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Dr. Andreas Scheuer, and the President of the German Road Safety Council, Dr. Walter Wichendorf will moderate the event.

In 2012, Germany had the fewest traffic fatalities since the introduction of accident statistics. Yet, this is no reason to sound all-clear: Still every day more than 1,000 people are injured in road accidents - ten of them fatal. By far the most vulnerable are the young drivers: in 2012 on average every 14 hours, a 18 - to 24-year-old was fatally injured on German roads. And the statistics do not covere: Each fatal or serious accident means endless suffering and ruined lives plans - also for relatives and friends. Therefore, the campaign "Slow Down" wants to raise awareness that life is too much beautiful to be put carelessly at risk on the road and specifically addresses young drivers with actions such as the YouTube film competition.

Target audience

The road safety campaign "Slow Down" is aimed at all road users to make them aware of the dangers of risky behavior on the road: in addition to motorists and pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists of all ages. The film competition adresses the target grou

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