Safety and Health Informations from Art

Title translated into English

Safety and Health Informations from Art

Film: Duration in minutes

2 minutes

Product description

The film content includes three parts, the first part is “The Gleaners” related to the issue of inappropriate human material handling; the second part is “The Family of Saltimbanques” related to the issue of improper working posture; and the third part is “Christ in the Carpenter's Shop” related to the issue of insufficient illumination at worksite.

Aims and objectives

This film has three key messages related to inappropriate human material handling, improper working posture joins on the shoulder, and insufficient illumination at worksite.

Workplace safety is a serious issue, but we make it inspiring and interesting by related it to the art masterpieces. This film combines workplace safety issue with art, aiming at reminding the workers of the importance of occupational safety and health at work, and makes workplace safety informations easier to get workers’ attention.

Target audience

Manual Workers

Contact details Editor

Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health, Ministry of Labor
Lane 407, Hengke Rd. Sijhih DistrictNo.99, Taiwan, China-22143 New Taipei City

Contact details Production company

National Museum of Natural Science
Guancian Rd.1, Taiwan, China-40453 Taichung