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Safety Site Induction for Onshore and Offshore Wind Power Execution Projects

Title translated into English

Safety Site Induction for Onshore and Offshore Wind Power Execution Projects

Film: Duration in minutes

20:39 minutes

Product description

Intro CEOs onshore and offshore have a dialogue about Safety and Zero Harm Short Introduction - Onshore and Offshore this is followed by 6 chapters for onshore and 7 chapters for offshore. Arriving on site How to work Safely Personal protection equipment and tools Environment Behaviour on site Social conventions Working offshore All chapters are followed by a summery both in speach and written on the screen. Outro - CEOs gives a personal message regarding safety to the viewer. Credits.

Aims and objectives

It is important that we work, navigate and behave safely on a wind power construction site. Always be aware of potential dangers Look out for each other Stop and think before you act. We are all responsible for our own Safety and the Safety of our colleagues.

We chose to produce this medium as we found it to be of hight importance and we ensure that everyone going to a site get the same induction of everything which is general for all sites no matter if it is onshore or offshore, no matter what location. This to ensure a consistant safety information level to develop a good safety culture. The induction should also have the purpose of underligning the Zero Harm Culture principles that has been communicated from SIemens AG. The film media was chosen as the amount of information is large, we believe that live pictures helps you stay focused to the information you get. Plus the fact that we found it important that people could relate to the information as we filmed actual employees doing their daily tasks in different onshore and offshore locations. A film is also not dependant on what person presents the information and thereby it gets to be the exact same for everyone.

Target audience

Every employee, contractor, subcontractor or visitor going on site to either work or visit an onshore or offshore wind power project site.

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Siemens Wind Power
Fiskergade1, Denmark-7100 Vejle

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Blackbird Aps
Filmbyen23, Denmark-8000 Aarhus C