Safety while working at heights at construction sites

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Safety while working at heights at construction sites

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21 minutes

Product description

NSC, India Film on “Safety while Working at Heights at Construction Sites” Language: Hindi National Safety Council, India has produced this educative film on “Safety while Working at Heights at Construction Sites” and released it in the month of January 2012. The film has been made on the Indian conditions to create safety awareness during construction activities while working at height. The film in Hindi, addresses various safety issues at construction sites, and describes roles of workers in prevention of accidents while working at heights. The film highlights safety precautions to be taken while working at height to prevent any accidents. This film emphasizes importance of following systems/ procedure: 1. Height Pass Test: For working at height a person has to undergo height pass test. In this a person walks on a platform at certain height and a doctor inspects his body parameter such as Blood pressure before and after the height pass test. If parameters are in the limit, then height pass is issued. This is done to verify whether a person has height phobia, vertigo, epilepsy, or any disease related to heart. 2. Proper use of PPE: (a) It includes correct ways of wearing safety harness with lanyard (full body harness). It has lanyard (3 meter long and free fall not more than 1.8 meter) which needs to be connected to fixed anchorage point or lifeline to prevent impact of person with any, object after fall, (b) Safety helmet with chin strap, (c) Safety Shoes 3. Fall protection system: This film shows various parts of fall protection system such as lifeline, edge protection such as guard rails and toe boards, rope grab, safety nets. (a) Edge protection: Top rail should be at height of 900mm to 1200 mm. Toe board should be at height of at least 150 mm and mid rail in between these two. (b) Safety nets: It is used to prevent fall of person from height. 4. Construction of scaffold: This film shows the construction of scaffold on solid surface with base plate and sole plate. The scaffold should be tested and inspected before use and safety tag should be placed. There should not be any gap between the wooden planks to prevent fall of material /person. Keep the platform free from debris and other unwanted material. Access root to platform should be free from any obstruction. 5. Use of Ladder: It should be sufficient strong and kept on plane surface and to be of good material of construction. It should be place 1 meter above the landing surface. A three point contact should be maintained during climbing on the ladder. 6. General Safety Rules : (a) Tool box talk for workers (b) Safety precaution against open electrical panels and wire to prevent shocks (c) Don’t sleep on working platform, walkways. (d) Always wear full body harness and other required PPE. The total duration of film is 21 minutes.

Aims and objectives

The Film is produced in Hindi Language which is national language of India. It aims to create safety awareness among the construction workers during various activities carried out at heights at the construction sites. It provides effective guidance in understanding hazards and the safety precautions to be taken for preventing any accidents at the Construction sites. The Film contains good visual depictions of hazards and required safety precautions and can be easily understood by all workers.

Construction sector provides employment to more than 44 million workers in India. The construction workers migrate very frequently from one region to other and may not have adeuate education to understand the hazards and safety precautions to be taken at the construction sites. These workers need extensive training at the construction sites to prevent accidents. This Film is a Visual medium of training and can be effectively used for training of all workers for preventing accidents.

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Construction Sector Workers/Employees

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National Safety Council
, India-400614 Mumbai

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National Safety Council
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