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Product description

ScacciaRischi ( is an Educational path born in 2018 created to face the issue of risks at home, at school and at work in a simple and fun way through a series of videogames.

Using the video game "Gli ScacciaRischi" anyone can:
a) play a platform-cartoon videogame composed of a series of compelling levels concerning health and knowledge of the risks at home, at school and in the workplace;
b) view the SECUR-PEDIA with contents relating to the risks present in the home, school and work environments, customized according to the different school orders, and useful for correctly answering the quizzes;
c) respond to the Secur-Quiz with scores attributed on the basis of correctness and response times;
d) acquire knowledge and information on risks, on their prevention and protection and on first aid to be carried out in the event of accidents and injuries.

Using this videogames INAIL organized in 2018-2019 "The Olympics of Prevention", a project / competition intended for all students of the Puglia region with the aim of raising their awareness on the issues of safety and prevention in the living, study and work.

The first educational video game of this brand was awarded a "certificate of merit" in the context of the APP4SUD contest organized by the PA Forum in Palermo in 2018 and was among the 4 finalists of the Italian Videogame AWARDS - Best Applied Games Category - 2019.

Just over a year after its launch, Gli ScacciaRischi involved thousands of students (over 12,000) who enthusiastically participated in the "Olympics of Prevention".

Many users, in addition to the students, were able to play not only a fun action / platform adventure (cartoon style), but above all to have fun with the Secur-Quiz for which it is essential to study the fundamental Secur-Pedia (An encyclopedia of prevention and safety , made by INAIL experts, scientifically accurate).

The second edition of "The Olympics of Prevention" (2019-2020) is surpassing the success of the first edition.

The video game "Scacciarischi" is also available for tablets and smartphones on Google Play and App Store.

Aims and objectives

To move to the next level, you must answer quizzes with content related to health and safety in such environments.
To correctly answer the quizzes, the player must study the training sheets in the SECUR-PEDIA section on the website.
The cards, customized by school order, concern the three environments covered by the educational path:
a) risks at home (falls, injuries, burns, ingestion of foreign bodies and suffocation, poisoning, poisoning, trauma from moving loads and manual handling of incorrect postures) and preventive measures to prevent and avoid them;
b) the school (health and safety regulations for schools, prevention and protection measures, ergonomic principles, correct postures), the risks present at school (load handling, correct use of the PC, lighting, work station) and prevention measures, risks present in school laboratories and protection and prevention measures;
c) the risks present on a construction site (burial, falls from a height, electrical, chemical, fire, unprotected machines, manual transport of loads, noise, dust and shaking) and the protection and prevention measures to be adopted.

The educational path is based on the teachings of the Canadian sociologist and professor McLuhan, according to which "Those who distinguish between entertainment and education perhaps do not know that education must be fun and fun must be educational".
This is why we have chosen to use video games to promote, especially in the new generations, the culture of safety and prevention.
Therefore, an edutainment product has been created capable of combining playful aspects and purely training aspects to teach how to recognize and prevent the risks present in everyday environments (home, school, work).

Target audience

Students (age 5-18)



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