"Screenlove", Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz

Title translated into English

"Screenlove", ergonomics at the workplace

Film: Duration in minutes

14:07 minutes

Product description

Embedded in an entertaining background story, seven episodes present essential details of computer workstations, the related furniture, such as tables, chairs, document holders and footrest. Moreover, the film presents how negative influences can be eliminated or minimized and how a workplace can be designed economically.

Aims and objectives

Video to give new impetus to enhance awareness

Ergonomic workplace design in the office

Target audience

For instruction purposes of employees

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AUVA-Hauptstelle, Abt.: Sicherheitsmarketing, Presse
Adalbert-Stifter-Stra├če65, Austria-1200 Wien
+4359393 22906 www.auva.at

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Neulandfilm & Medien GmbH
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