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Sempre Alerta e Numa Boa

Title translated into English

Always be alert and keep calm

Film: Duration in minutes

90 minutes

Product description

Always alert is a series of educational films, with a lot of humor and joy and with the seriousness the issue deserves. The main objective was to reveal the dangers and respective actions to prevent accidents and occupational diseases. A tool that was missing in industry´s safety training.

Aims and objectives

Educational films on occupational safety and health, showing the everyday risks in a practical, efficient and humorous manner.

The objective is to help industries to reduce work accidents. The videos were produced to be used as initial training tools for industries.The videos were distributed free of charge to all industries.

Target audience

Product was developed to present the risks of companies of the food monitoring, alcohol, plastic, vehicles, construction, electricity, metallurgy, machinery and equipment and the telecommunications sector.

Contact details Editor

Serviço Social da Indústria
Avenida Contorno 4456, Brazil- Minas Gerais

Contact details Production company

Serviço Social da Indústria de Brasilia