Sicher arbeiten bei eew energy from waste

Title translated into English

Safety induction for contractors at eew energy from waste

Film: Duration in minutes

25'24'' minutes


Beginning with a welcome intro, the induction video gives information about the general rules and prohibitions at eew, which personal protective equipment and permissions are needed while staying at the factory premises in general and while carrying out work, how to work on electrical and pressurized installations, installations using gas and power-driven equipment. What to do in case of an emergency, what to take into consideration, when working in height or using ladders and scaffolding. Which preparations are necessary before working in containers, restricted spaces and areas and how to use pedestrian-type trucks and cranes. And finally, how to prevent water pollution and to work tidy and clean, to keep oneself healthy while handling with waste.


On behalf of the company impulsmedia GmbH & Co KG, which develops concepts and software for e-learning programmes, konzetto media produces video content for health, safety and environment. Every employee, working for a contractor, has to register at the "safety terminals" or online before entering the factory premises and has to be inducted into the safety rules of a company before he/she starts working. After registring with forename, last name, name of the company, possibly date of birth, social security number, driving license number or similar, the employee / visitor / driver must watch the safety induction video. Finally, he/she has to pass an exam in order to get the permission to work in the factory for one year. eew energy from waste is a waste incineration plant, owning 18 sites in Germany and adjacent countries.

Target Group

Contractors, visitors, drivers

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konzetto media
Krumpterstr. 8, Germany-81543 München

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konzetto media
Krumpterstr.8, Germany-81543 München