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Title translated into English

Safe hospital

Product description

### Available and planned contents ### In the patient's room the user will find the structural and technical design of a patient room as well as the work-related specific requirements for work activities such as taking blood samples, surface disinfection as well as transfer and positioning of the patient. The menu item "administration" focusses on management tasks of occupational health and safety, which are presented in a separate main menu item. In particular, the organization of occupational health and safety is presented in detail as primary management task. The topic safety at work is assigned to administration. This emphasizes that from legal viewpoint the responsibility lies with the management, that has to organise, through delegation to appropriate managers, effective safety and health protection standards. Moreover, the administration is also a central point to find relevant information materials such as pamphlets, brochures, tools and videos. They are stored in a digital library and clearly arranged according to the associated subject. In general, the typical activities of every work area and the specific risks are described e.g. in the operating room. Discription covers: operating, assisting in operations, bringing and removing patients from the operation area. This menu item also deals with "Related Topics" and presents contents such as "hygiene in surgeal areas" or "radiation". The menu item "Pharmacy" deals with the handling of medicinal products, in particular pharmaceutical ingredients as CMR drugs and cytostatics. The menu item includes both the cytostatic safety cabinet, handling requirements as well as the structural requirements, such as the ventilation system. Besides the traditional areas of pharmacy, as the offizin, the storage room for flammable liquids or the laboratory are presented with the specific hazards and protective measures. But even non-medical areas of work and professional groups, as in domestic economy and house technology are taken into account in the safe hospital. A main focus will be to kitchen and cafeteria. Here, for example, dangerous work equipment as cooking kettle, deep fat fryers, cutting - and mixers, but also issues such as wet work, climate, noise and risk of slipping are in the foreground. Health service also includes rescue and ambulance services, which in practice is often closely linked to the hospital. Therefore, the portal also included a seperate subject area "occupational health and safety in the rescue and ambulance services". In addition to this, specialized tools are made available. The "list of safe products" supports the selection of safe instruments that are in accordance with the technical rules TRBA 250. The database provides an overview of lifting and transfer aids for care.

Aims and objectives

The specialist portal will present the relevant standards and regulations for health and safety actors to ensure greater transparency and more practical relevance in health care institutions. The aim is to present all relevant work areas of a real clinic and thus provide a reliable, current and in-depth information portal on occupational health and safety. This will support the implementation of the regulation and raise the level of occupational health and safety in the member companies. The Safe hospital provides different information spaces, such as the patient's room, the management, the operating room, the pharmacy or the kitchen. Access to information is virtually over spatial structures (work areas) of the Safe hospital, which are represented as three-dimensional panoramas. The user moves within these areas and can directly select individual equipment or activities from the graphical user interface. This considerably helps to find the required information since they are not sorted by areas of law or occupational health and safety issues, but by work areas, activities and work equipment. The subjets present all requirements of concrete activities, bundled and in context. The safety requirements for work equipment and activities are presented clearly and comprehensibly. Each text is also illustrated by media such as images, movies, and graphics . The uniform and systematic structure of contents allows the users quick access to the topics provided. Each menu item is divided in a general part ("Information"), additional clarifications ("Further guidance" ), sources for research ("Sources") and legal basis. This results in a hierarchical information structure from the general to the specific . Thus, the user can determine the desired level of detail individually. The bracnch portal "www.sicheres -" is long-term and will be supplemented, updated and developed.

Due to the complexity of operating a hospital, a whole range of legal norms and extensive, almost unmanageable technical regulation has to be observed regarding construction and operation. The interactive specialist portal created a compendium of the legal principles and regulation. Existing information on various issues provided by public-sector accident insurance providers and the German social accident insurance institutions are effectively bundled and give support to our member companies to help them fulfill their legal obligations with regard to occupational health and safety.

Target audience

Target groups are German member enterprises in the field of health services of social accident insurance institutions (public-sector accident insurance providers and German social accident insurance institutions) and interested parties from the sec

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