Sicherheit beim Wintersport

Title translated into English

Safety in the practice of winter sports

Film: Duration in minutes

2 DVDs gesamt ca 40´ minutes

Product description

Part 1 of the DVD gives age-appropriate presentations (grade 1 to 4 and from the grade 5 onwards) of the AUVA winter sports safety campaign "Safety Guide", the equipment and preparation, as well as the correct behaviour on ski slopes. Part 2 focuses on the characteristics and safety in snowboarding: only correct and methodologically correct boarding - in addition to the appropriate equipment - guarantees for injury-free winter sports fun.

Aims and objectives

The two DVDs provide important and up to date didactic information for (ski) teachers and accompanying persons.

Each year many winter sport accidents occur with -at least in part- tragic consequences; thus the topic "Safety in Winter Sports" increasingly comes in focus.

Target audience

Instruction in schools and general public

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