Sicuri per mestiere, Una storia non ordinaria di sicurezza in cantiere

Title translated into English

Security at work, a non-ordinary story about safety on the construction site

Film: Duration in minutes

30 minutes

Product description

The protagonists of the story “Safe workplace” speak in the film. They are heads and experts of the construction site, project managers and owners, women and men of CMB (the construction enterprise which steered the works and which wanted “Safe workplace”), subcontractors, Satef advisors guaranteed methodological support and effectiveness of the enforcement procedure. They talk about the construction phases of the Tour Unifimm as well as the work of the persons who realised it. In a physical and an emotional context, the film illustrates the contents of “Safe workplace” where the conception, the production and the occupational safety are integrated with a view to a unique goal: completing the construction in the predetermined time and, most importantly, while protecting the worker’s health and dignity.

Aims and objectives

The film is based and promoted by values such as the workers’ health and dignity, the sustainability of collective safety as well as the safety of the enterprise, the personal commitment on behalf of the entire staff at the construction site. There is no hierarchy in the field of occupational safety, everyone at every level can and has to take care of his own and of others’ safety. It is possible to prevent occupational accidents by promoting safe behaviour by means of an effective systemic communication and by strengthening the team spirit.

We have produced a film as we think that the best way of communicating the safety message, developed as a shared value, is a medium of images and statements made by the protagonists; by those who wanted, thought, put into practice, directly lived the project “Safe workplace” which was an extraordinary experience of collective participation in safety. They talk about ideas, thoughts, projects of evolution, discoveries, events: the images that accompany them show the different construction phases of the Tour Unifimm, as well as the work of people, by documenting the exceptionality of the project and ist application in the everyday construction site life.

Target audience

The film is an integral part of the publication « Sicuri per mestiere - Una storia non ordinaria di Sicurezza in cantiere » (Safe workplace – an unusual story about safety on the construction site) which also includes a book (A. Pennati and M.

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