Splash Zone

Title translated into English

Splash Zone

Film: Duration in minutes

01:33 minutes

Product description

To introduce the basic concept and to attract the viewer’s attention, the video begins with a shot of a water park (Sea World) where the seats close to the pool where the big mammals perform is known as “Splash Zone”. Visitors to the park may choose to sit in the splash zone and purposely get wet on a hot summer day or avoid it to keep dry. A cut to the laboratory expands the idea of a parallel splash zone in the lab. A student is working at the bench and another student is working in the vicinity on his computer without safety gear. The student at the bench accidently knocks over a bottle and the solution splashes towards the other student. The frame freezes and the drops stops in midair. An ophthalmologist (a credible person) steps into the frame and provides information about the potential damage of a chemical splash. She states that prevention is the best cure and puts safety glasses on the student who is about to get splashed. The frozen frame comes back to motion, the drops of liquid continue their movement but now they hit the safety glasses and not the naked eye. The video concludes with the advice of considering the lab as a splash zone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TqQT9Pfh_Q

Aims and objectives

This video targets a common safety problem in academic laboratories where students/workers use a shared laboratory space. Many have a false impression that only those performing experiments should wear safety gear. The video addresses a change in safety culture by introducing the idea of a “Splash Zone”, an area that carries inherent risk.

Online videos are useful tool to target young people in their natural “playground”, the Internet.

Target audience

Laboratory workers/students

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University of California, San Diego
, United States-92093-0303 La Jolla, CA