SSWM2013_Is it Safe

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SSWM2013_Is it Safe

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0:59 minutes


Bad ergonomics practices can cause injuries and poor health. This entry conveys the importance of good ergonomics practices in the workplace for everyday common activities.


Construction sites, shipyards, factories, manufacturing workshops, schools, retail outlets, offices, entertainment places or wherever one works, there can be safety hazards. This entry aims to remind everyone to stop making assumptions of safety in the workplace and stop work accidents.


The medium is one of the categories for submission to Safety Starts With Competition 2013 organised by WSH Council.

Target Group

Workplace Safety and Health professionals, workers and supervisors.


Safety Starts with Me Competition 2013 Silver

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613 Bukit Panjang Ring Road#09-856, Singapore-670613 Singapore

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Tan Xiang Yu
613 Bukit Panjang Ring Road#09-856, Singapore-670613 Singapore