S@W2012_The Game of Cranes & Ladders

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S@W2012_The Game of Cranes & Ladders

Film: Duration in minutes

1:13 minutes

Product description

Falls from height is seen across all sectors and in various types of work. It is a leading cause of work injuries, and at times leading to fatalities. This entry conveys the message of working safely at heights.

Aims and objectives

Falls from height is a common cause of injury not only in traditional sectors like construction and marine, but also found in low risks sectors like logistics, retail and administrative services. Any work that involves working at height, whether it is reaching the top shelf in an office, changing a light bulb or using a ladder to retrieve files, can lead to falls. This entry aims to raise awareness on how falls can happen and to work safely to prevent injuries.

The medium is one of the categories for submission to Safety@Work Creative Awards 2012 organised by WSH Council and ST Engineering.

Target audience

Workplace Safety and Health professionals, workers and supervisors.


Safety @ Work Creative Awards 2012 Silver

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Nanyang Polytechnic
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Nanyang Polytechnic
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