Test zur selektiven Wahrnehmung

Title translated into English

Test for selective perception

Film: Duration in minutes

03:00 minutes

Product description

Two basketball teams, one dressed in white the other dressed in black pass a ball to another player. The viewer shall count over a period of 0.45 minutes how many times the white team passes the ball to another player. Approx. 50% of the viewers overlook that a gorilla dressed in black runs through the middle of the playing field.

Aims and objectives

The objective of the film is to show the viewer that his own perception is subject to error. A relation can be established to the topic "Prevention of stumbles, slips and fall accidents". Even Confucius knew: "Man stumbles not over mountains, but over molehills". The viewer shall be alert to dangers of his immediate environment.

Information will rather be incorporated by the viewer if it is attractively presented. In addition to the learning effect the film provides a lot of fun.

Target audience

The video is suited for all those who want to contribute to improve occupational safety with training measures.

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