The Last Word - BRITSAFE

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The Last Word - BRITSAFE

Film: Duration in minutes

2:20 minutes


A male and female couple prepare breakfast in the morning before leaving for work. They are not speaking to each other and there is clearly a some tension between them. As the male dresses we understand he is a construction worker, and though they almost talk, he leaves the home without saying goodbye. At work we see the male climb a ladder andf there is an accident. The message is: Life can be stressful. But you’re not alone. Talk to someone. Accidents happen with stress.


Health and Safety at work is often viewed as a set of statistics and numbers but what numbers make an accident? What numbers represent the cold reality of a workplace accident?


Much of the literature dealing with stress concerns the costs associated with sickness absence and lost productivity. However research into accident causation also shows that 70-80% of accidents have a stress related component, for example leading to poor concentration, fatigue and distraction. Such research is of direct relevance to workers and specifically young workers and should be better known. The video seeks to communicate a message that stress can originate from any part of life – at home or at work – and can lead to accidents. Given that the film shows the dangers inherent in stress – particularly for those workers in high risk jobs like construction - the film aims to create an incentive for any worker to be self aware of one’s own mental state and, if necessary, to speak to someone at work.

Target Group

Young workers


Speak Up, Stay Safe

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British Safety Council
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