This could be you

Title translated into English

This could be you

Film: Duration in minutes

0:30 minutes

Product description

This film reminds us that we cannot assume that safety will be taken care of by somebody else. Those who take shortcuts, some even knowing there are risks, may end up having to pay the price. And the person to pay the price could just be you.

Aims and objectives

It is not uncommon to hear from both workers and managers that their work is low risk, their companies have never had an accident and that it is not likely to happen to them. This is the mindset that we seek to change with this film. Accidents will happen if we take safety for granted, and they can happen to anyone. The message of the film “This could be you” using the scenario of falling from height hopes that anyone who thinks that accidents will not happen to him or her will think again, and consciously take the precautions that help to manage and mitigate the risk.

The medium is chosen for communications to the general masses on tv and website.

Target audience

Workers, safety professionals, and members of the public.

Contact details Editor

Workplace Safety and Health Council – WSHC, MOM Services Centre
Bendemeer Road1500, Singapore-339946 Singapore

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Grey Group
1 Magazine Rd#03-07, Singapore-059567 Singapore