Tu Vida, Sin Vuelcos

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Don't Overturn Your Life

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2 minutes 50 seconds minutes

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According to the Spanish State Observatory on Working Conditions, tractors are directly linked to most work accidents in agriculture and forestry, a large part of these accidents is related to tractor overturning. This type of accident can lead to fatal consequences for the tractor operator if the relevant safety measures are not adopted, that is, the Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and the seat belt. However, it is estimated that there are still 300,000 tractors that do not currently have ROPS in Spain.

Therefore, the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission has decided to devote the first campaign of the National Plan of Awareness in Prevention of Occupational Risks in the Agricultural Sector to the tractor rollover, under the motto “Don’t overturn your life”. Many of these accidents claim lives from generation to generation, so this campaign aims at employers, workers and relatives, promoting the safe use of tractors to reduce both the number of overturn accidents and fatalities.

This video is intended to raise awareness of the risk of overturning and the importance of appropriate use of protective measures in case of overturning.

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Raising-awareness campaign

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