Työturvallisuus kumiteollisuudessa – turvakierros

Title translated into English

Occupational safety in rubber industry – safety walk

Film: Duration in minutes

DVD/Film: 11´17´´ + Interviews/DVD: 5´15´´ + 4´08´´ + DVD/seven spots together: 10´49´´ minutes

Product description

This DVD-program has four different parts: 1. Motivation/education filmstory "Occupational safety in rubber industry - safety walk" (11 minutes and 17 seconds). 2. Short current affairs style interview with occupational safety manager (5 minutes 15 seconds). 3. Short current affairs style interview with workers´ safety representative (4 minutes and 8 seconds) 4. All seven different safety walk places/working spots and their different risks. Each of them can be shown independently (together 10 minutes 49 seconds) In the motivation/education film/DVD supervisor and workers´safety representative make "safety walk" in rubber plant in real life. They walk together from one working place/situation to another. Together with workers they analyze typical occupational safety risks in each spot. They are giving practical guidance and advice during their visits. In two short interviews safety specialists ( safety manager and another workers´ representative) are telling what are the biggest occupational safety and health risks in rubber industry and how these risks can be managed and prevented in succesful way.

Aims and objectives

It is s very important to monitor working environment and working conditions on regular basis. "Safety walks" by supervisor/foreman and workers´safety representative together are key base for good safety management and leadership. The aim of "safety walks" is risk prevention and work accident prevention: zero accident! This DVD motivates and gives practical guidance how to make safety walks and how to develop working enviroment and risk management.

DVD is very good media/method to show how "safety walks" are taking place in practice in rubber industry. We are using this DVD in occupational safety and health education and training in mills and plants. It is also part of orientation of new foremen and workers.

Target audience

1. Managers/supervisors/foremen in rubber industry2. Safety managers and safety representatives in rubber industry3. Managers/supervisors/foremen and safety people in Finnish industry in general

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Karissa Latd
Näkki3 F, Finland-2320 Espoo
358(0)400445384 www.ttk.fi

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Karissa Ltd
Näkki3 F, Finland-02320 Espoo