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VBG-Kundenmagazin Certo als Web-App

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Web-app of VBG's customer magazine Certo

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Crossmedial is conceived for the planning and implementation of Certo. Via www.certo-app.de, Certo can be read as a so-called web magazine or web app on any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. The digital output is optically closely linked to the print version, but acts as an independent medium. Digital additional features such as interactive graphics, videos, picture galleries, click-to-mail and search functions offer real value to the reader. The online version of Certo appears one week before the print edition. The goal is to win more online readers and to reduce the print run. Through the VBG-Infomail and the Certo-Infomail, the customers are informed about the publication of the digital edition. Individual topics are tagged in the Certo-Infomail. In addition, Certo is advertised on the homepage of the Administrative Professional Association (Verwaltungs-Berufsgenossenschaft VBG) website www.vbg.de.


Certo - The magazine for safety and health has two central functions: on the one hand, the customer magazine should work as an important image publication and it should position the VBG as a modern service company and as a partner of the member companies. On the other hand, VBG's member companies are to be bound to the Berufsgenossenschaft as satisfied customers. Certo is the door opener to VBG's world of performance.


More than one million VGB affiliated companies usually have contact with their corresponding German Social Accident Insurance Institution five times a year: once a year, they are issued with a request for payment and then four times a year they beccome the customer magazine. Thus, the magazine offers the opportunity to speak directly to the members and thus the opportunity to draw attention to VBG's extensive range of services (consulting, seminars, information material, e-learning programs, etc.). In many member companies these offers are not known - managers see the employer's liability as a cost factor. Certo is not the official communication chanel of the VBG, but rather the customer magazine, which serves as a door opener in VBG's cross-media service and service portfolio. At the same time, the customer magazine is so appealing that it stands alone, keeps the reader entertained and sensitizes to the topics of VBG. A simple mechanism is used for Certo: people are interested in people. This is why VBG's subjects speak about personality stories and are edited. Design is based on excellent reportage photography. The customer magazine also stands out visually from the abundance of comparable media. The 24-page customer magazine is published four times a year with an edition of around 900,000 copies. Parallel to the print output, the content is presented as a digital output in the form of a website for all current smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

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The VBG magazine is primarily aimed for entrepreneurs - including those who have not yet dealt with the issues of occupational safety and health protection. Since a large proportion of VBG's member companies are small and micro-enterprises, the entrepreneu


BCM Best of Content Marketing 2016: Gold in der Kategorie Digital Media/App

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