Verantwortung übernehmen – Betonsteinanlagen sicher gestalten

Title translated into English

Assuming responsibility – safety in the design of concrete block plants

Film: Duration in minutes

18 minutes

Product description

On the basis of examples of newly constructed plants (2) the technical development of safety components in plants that reduce potential hazards are presented and selected dangerous spots are highlighted. Due to the fact that often older facilites are in use, the feasibility of upgrading is shown using practical examples or recommendations of the manufacturer. Short interview segments with actors of the target group (entrepreneurs, managers, production managers) outline their experiences and positions regarding examples of the use of modern safety devices.

Aims and objectives

The film is included in the initiative to prevent accidents launched by the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the raw materials and chemical industry that has the objective to have a sustainable, positive impact on the trend of occupational accident statistics in concrete industry. One video which was already sent in addresses those involved in the production process (plant manager, qualified masters, etc.) to act with responsibility within the work environment. The target group of this video are managers and entrpreneurs.

This video complements and serves as the context to another video that was already submitted.

Target audience

Managers and entrepreneurs in concrete plant industry

Contact details Editor

Freie Journalistin
Leipziger Straße41, Germany-10117 Berlin

Contact details Production company

Judith Hoffmann
Leipziger Straße41, Germany-10117 Berlin