Video del Comité de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo – CSST

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Video of the Committee on Safety and Health at Work – CSST

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04:25 minutes

Product description

On the basis of a daily situation in a business office of a public entity in which a hazardous situation of fire risk due to usafe environmental conditions occurs, the question on safety and health measures that must be available came up and if there is a Committee on Safety and Health at Work (CSST). Then, the following was developed: • What is the Committee on Safety and Health at Work (CSST). • In seven steps the procedure of how to establish the CSST according to the obligations of the standards is explained.

Aims and objectives

The film wants to raise awareness among public servants about the importance of generating a prevention culture with regard to occupational risks in public sector entities, train the servants about their rights and obligations, promote the implementation of safety and health at work committees (CSST), in order to encourage the gradual implementation of management systems.

One million and a half public servants work in twenty-four regions at national level. For this reason the most effective way to reach all of them is by way e-learning and multimedia product methodologies, which allow to raise awareness about the importance of safety and health at work and achieve the implementation of a prevention culture in public entities. In that spirit a virtual "Course on Safety and Health at Work" was produced as instructional video wich is part of the relevant course. The aim is to implement the Committee of Safety and Health at work (CSST) in State entities. Thus they learn in an innovative and educational way which is easy to understand how to implement the committee in their entities and which steps have to be followed.

Target audience

This production is oriented to one and a half million of public servants of Peru. The law N ° 29783, Law on Safety and Health at Work, published in August 2011, for the first time includes the obligation for the State as the employer to implement occupati

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Autoridad Nacional del Servicio Civil - SERVIR
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