Videohilsen ender i tragisk ulykke

Title translated into English

Video greeting ends in tragic accident

Film: Duration in minutes

00:50 minutes

Product description

It is a short, dramatic tv-spot containing a surprising, “unbelievable” accident. In this case it is a newly employed girl in a restaurant kitchen suffers an accident while making a video greeting from the kithcen for her mom.

Aims and objectives

Young employees are at high risk of getting injured on the job.

With this short film we wanted to create attention among young employees on their elevated risk of getting injured on the job and the particular need for prevention of work accidents in this target group.

Target audience

Young people in the age of 16-25 years

Contact details Editor

Branchearbejdsmiljørådet for service og tjenesteydelser
H.C. Andersens Boulevard38, Denmark-1553 Copenhagen V

Contact details Production company

Tabula Rasa
Flæsketorvet68, Denmark-1711 Copenhagen