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Film: Duration in minutes

23 minutes

Product description

A promising morning in winter, a thriving enterprise. The newly crowned head of human ressources Schmidt and the long-term unemployed father Müller. The coincidence of both men meeting at the job interview develops on sarcastic way into an absurd fight that culminates in a more than unexpected final ...

Aims and objectives

What is the role and importance of people within work processes? The aim of the film is to raise this (and related) question (s) and encourage the audience to talk about it.

Film as nattative medium, that manipulates the viewer emotionally in a very subtle way, this is the only instrument to achieve my goal; agitate people, stimulate reflection, dealing with related topics, all these are aspects of all occupational health and safety packages.

Target audience

Everyone above 16 years of age

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Contact details Production company

Henriette Gerber (Produzentin + Regisseurin + Autorin)
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