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The Letter

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97 minutes minutes

Product description

Warkah (literally The Letter) is a 2019 Malaysian Malay-language family drama film. The fillm begins with a message from the CEO of the Social Security Orgnaization, reminding everyone the importance of safety at work.

It tells the story of a teenager who is caught between furthering his studies or helping his family after an accident left his father paralyzed. The story revolves around a family of three (3) who are affected by a commuting accident that befallen the father, Kamil. The film begins by depicting a family living happily despite a modest income of Kamil, the single breadwinner for his two children. Life rapidly changes for the unfortunate family when Kamil was involved in a traffic accident while commuting to work. The accident left Kamil paralyzed and bed ridden.

Ikmal, the eldest teenage son was an excellent student in school. Following his father's commuting accident accident, their family suddenly faces numerous challenges and financial problems. Ikmal is caught between his family's situation and school. Life changes when Ikmal was forced to take a part time job and his school performance deteriorate rapidly. Even his 5 years old sister was affected due to their father's disability from the accident. Despite, attempted assistance by their uncle and teacher life continues to be bleak and empty for the family. The life and hardship is dramatized in this movie in a heavy-drama genre, to give the audience a deeper sense of reality following an accident.

Their life took a significant change when Kamil was recruited into rehabilitation program by Social Security Organisation. His mobility improves and the family is also financially assisted through the social security system. It was also revealed later that the accident was due to lapse in safety precaution by both Kamil and the person who drove the car which hit him during the accident.

As Kamil slowly recovers, so does the family.  Ikmal was offered to further his study in a boarding school and then to the university. The future appears brighter for the family. The story ends with the message of how employment injury changes life, not just to the injured but also to the family and the loved ones. Hence the importance of injury prevention.

Aims and objectives

Through this film, we hope to increase awareness on impact of the accidents to one's family and the importance of social security coverage so that contributors and their dependents can enjoy benefits and have a more secure future.

The messages are embedded in the dramatization of the life of the family.

- Employment injury affects not only the organization, but also the family and society.

- Although employment injury is always termed as an 'accident' - these accidents can be avoided if the employee practices caution and follows the safe practices while at work, or on the road.

- subtle messages on safe work practices and road safety are embedded into the movie.

- employment injuries causes psychological trauma to the victim, but also to the person who causes it (depicted by the action of the antagonist in the film, who caused the accident to the main character)

- despite injury and disability, a proper rehabilitation approach may provide better function to the disabled persons at the individual and societal level.

- the importance of knowing one's right, in safety, health and social security protection.

Warkah also hopes to instill the importance of creating a caring society, which will drive the country to become a developed nation.

Warkah (literally Letter) is a 2019 Malaysian Malay-language family drama film. It is released on 15 August 2019 in Malaysia and Brunei.  The film was entitled 'Warkah' based on a letter written to SOCSO’s Chief Executive Officer by a teenager  to express his gratitude on SOCSO's assistance to him and his family following an employment injury that befallen his father.

Producing a feature film is the latest media approach by SOCSO Malaysia to promote safety and health among workers in the country. This follows other media approaches which had been employed earlier including short videos, advertisement, social media and television series.

Film industries provide for a diverse group of audience and a more sustained presence for viewers.

Using a film genre give the advantages of :

  • a deeper presentation of the effect of an employment injury to the worker, the family and the society. This is shown through the depiction of the struggle of the injured worker and his family throughout the movie.
  • more comprehensive understanding of the importance of accident prevention. The film continuously shows discreet prevention messages through various scenes in the movie. Some actions resulted in unfavourable consequences while some are good examples planted in the movie.
  • provides opportunity to illustrate the outcome of a post injury rehabilitation program and social security support to the injured workers.
  • allowing for the film to be screened in different platforms. The film was first screened in the local cinema in Malaysia and Brunei, involving 35 cinemas through out the country. It is now featured in cable TV as a pay per view feature. Future plans also include reserved screening, holiday season screening and even private screening for safety and health initiatives.
  • production of ancillary products to support the safety and health message. The film "Warkah" comes together with two original soundtracks by local artiste that are streamed and distributed by local music distributor.

The film was a brave venture by the organization into a different form of media for prevention as a mean to expose workers and their family to the impact of accident to oneself and their family.

The submission for the IMFP 2020 is the movie trailer from the release for local cinemas in 2019. The movie is currently still playing in cable TV in Malaysia.

Target audience

Workers and family



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