Why take risks? Stop. Think. Care

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Why take risks? Stop. Think. Care

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7'30" minutes

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This film was made from testimonies recorded by employees from several countries that were involved in accidents and retell their experience and what they learnt from it. In Brazil, some employees participated in a group activity with a special guest, where they were able to reflect together on risk perception and on the possible consequences of accidents that could change one’s life forever. We asked then about their childhood memories and they shared stories of them being reckless. Then we invited an outside guest to share his story. When Caio was 8 years old, he had 80% of his body burnt while playing a ‘crazy scientist’ game. "As a child, I had no perception of risk then. I had no option. But you are all adults and have no excuses. You know what is right. You know what is wrong. " His testimonial helped everybody realize that ignoring risks can lead to life-altering consequences and we, as adults, can opt for safe choices. We can stop, think and care. We can change the way we relate to risk and how we make decisions by conscious actions. By paying attention to everything that may go wrong, thinking of the consequences and only then deciding the safest way to act.

Aims and objectives

Since childhood, all of us have learnt how to live with the risks that surround us, and these risks are numerous: from the possibility of tripping over at home to the risk of getting involved in a work accident. We humans do not always act in a conscious or rational way. That is why, individually and collectively, we need to reflect on the choices we make as leaders, as workers, as parents and as friends and colleagues. We run unnecessary risks every day. Why do we make risky decisions? Why do we sometimes fail to follow rules, even if we know them? How can we reduce the chance of these risks materializing in accidents that could harm people, change or even take lives? This is why this year we will address the theme of risk perception. We will talk about our ability to interpret information in the face of a risk situation and to make decisions in order to protect ourselves and everyone around us, whether they are co-workers, family, friends or members of our communities.

The best way to care is to stop and think about the risk. We wanted employees to recognize that at some point, we all make risky decisions. We need to try and understand why we take these risky decisions – what are the activators (conscious or unconscious) that influence our choices. Only then we can be empowered: know that we can consciously choose to make safer choices. Many people believe that being reckless or imprudent is childlike behavior. Children do dangerous and foolish things because they do not know better; they have no notion of risks and consequences. But there are many studies now that show that we as adults are much less rational than previously believed. We are driven more by past experiences and our feelings than we are by consciously making risk assessment. That is why we sometimes make risky decisions and not always follow rules.

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