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Film: Duration in minutes

8:11 minutes

Product description

The video provides the lessons learnt from the case studies and what we should do to stay safe while working at heights. It reminds us that when we are injured or killed on the job, it is our loved ones who suffer the most. Safety is in our hands to help ensure safe work at height.

Aims and objectives

Falls from height is the top killer in workplaces. Dangers from falls are prevalent in many workplaces, including construction sites, shipyards, warehouses. The entry shares stories of how workers have died, because of falls from height, the possible hazards at workplaces and how we can keep ourselves safe when working at height.

This medium is chosen for communications to the industries as video training material to employees.

Target audience

Workplace Safety and Health professionals, workers and supervisors.

Contact details Editor

Workplace Safety and Health Council – WSHC, MOM Services Centre
Bendemeer Road1500, Singapore-339946 Singapore

Contact details Production company

EnVistar Productions Pte. Ltd.
Circular Road7B, Singapore-049363 Singapore
+65-6538 0608