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Title translated into English Health and safety: The keys to success in small enterprises

Product description

Contents of the page are examples, tools, information, best practice examples that are useful for small enterprises and their multiplicators. Different industries and topics are being addressed.

Aims and objectives

The website is maintained by non-commercial organizations from different countries who promote occupational safety and health protection in small and medium enterprises. The site is based on the "10 keys to success" with regard to prevention in small enterprises. The website is designed in cooperation with the ISSA Special Commission on Prevention. The ISSA founded in 1927 is the most important international institution that brings social security institutions and organizations together. The makers are interested in the dissemination of all information of practical value that help to promote safety and health in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

SMEs need to spend a lot of effort to get to useful information, and at the same time have limited resources. Therefore, the site contains efficient examples of good preventive measures and helpful aids for daily practice. The contents are not intended for commercial use. The makers of the website are interested in a free dissemination of information. Therefore, the content can not be used for commercial purposes. A website guarantees a worldwide distribution. It is maintained in five different languages ​​(German, English, French, Spanish, Italian) to ensure a wide dissemination.

Target audience

The website is of interest for all actors around the world involved in small enterprises: professionals for prevention, employees and entrepreneurs in SMEs (small and medium enterprises), but also teachers and trainers.

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