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Film: Duration in minutes

Fahhrad 00:35, Outdoor 00:35, Saxofon 00:30, Skifahren 00:30 minutes

Product description

Aims and objectives

Promotion of "safety" (the use of helmets) and of the concerns of the ZNS Hannelore Kohl foundation with the aim to raise donations.

The 30 th anniversary of the ZNS provided the impetus for the production of various TV spots, among others with the "new" ZNS President and former Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Dr. Kristina Schröder. In addition, spots were produced showing people exercising and using a helmet. The success of these spots is evident in the fact that it was broadcast freely by many channels, particularly RTL and local TV channels (e.g. Center TV). The advertising value is well over 1 million Euro.

Target audience

general public

Contact details Editor

Helmut Fleischer Consulting
Wittelsbachstr.42, Germany-40629 Düsseldorf

Contact details Production company

Mhoch4 und Helmut Fleischer Consulting
Neuer Pferdemarkt 23, Germany-20359 Hamburg