Wo bist Du gerade
  • Wo bist Du gerade

DVR/UK/BG-Schwerpunktaktion (2019) "WO BIST DU GERADE?"

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DVR/UK/BG-Annual Preventioncampain for employees (2019) "Where are you in the moment?"

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Addressing the issue of so-called solo accidents on insured roads in road traffic. Explanation of the causes of such accidents on the basis of psychological stress and strain factors, overestimation of one's own capabilities, distraction with and without a smartphone, and inexperience.

An interactive website, teaching units and seminar media as well as action videos were designed for use in educational establishments and schools (upper secondary level, driving Schools). All these media are part of the joint annual main campaign of the accident insurance funds, the employers' liability insurance associations and the DVR. In addition, all insured persons can take part in a competition within the campaign period and win one of 100 non-cash prizes.


No matter how we move: We all need to pay full attention to road traffic so that we and everyone else arrive safely.


More than 300,000 accidents involving personal injury occur in Germany every year. About one in six of these accidents is a so-called Driver-related accident (solo accident). These accidents happen because someone loses control of the vehicle without others having contributed to it. As a result of uncontrolled vehicle movements, a collision with other road users may occur.

According to provisional figures of the Federal Statistical Office, 1,130 people died in driver-related accidents in 2018. In addition, about 65,000 people were injured in these accidents, more than 18,500 of them seriously. Overall, more than a third of all those killed in road traffic are killed in a driver-related accident.

A driver-related accident is a solo accident. A solo accident is characterised by the fact that no other vehicle or person was causally involved (apart from the person, who caused the accident) but can get injured.

How do such accidents happen and how is it possible that people lose control of their vehicle? Possible causes are distraction, psychological stress and strain, overestimation of one's own capabilities or inexperience in handling a means of transport.

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Insured persons by the accident insurance funds and employers' liability insurance associations


Main campaign of the accident insurance funds, the employers' liability insurance associations and the DVR.

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